Wired Alarm Components

The reliability of an alarm system will depend on the quality of the alarm equipment as well as the installation and maintenance.

Northern Security Solutions pride itself on delivering good quality installation of reliable smart alarm components, we offer Wired and Wire free wireless components to suit your new or existing system.

Please see below for a small selection of our most popular additional components or contact us with any specific requirements you may have.

PIR (Passive InfraRed Sensors)

These units work to detect movements within a certain zone in your house and are typically placed in most downstairs rooms as a secondary measure to window and door contacts, we offer pet friendly sensors for your pets so they can roam freely without setting off your alarm.

Motion Sensor (PIR) MX

Respond to movement and warm bodied objects, for burglar alarms and wireless alarms in home security and business security. Available as standard, pet friendly, quad and anti-mask versions. all our range have sealed optics to prevent false alarms.

Fitted From £65.00

Dual Technology Sensor PIR and microwave detectors

These units provide dual action detection and are suitable for areas such as a Conservatory, Garage and other harsh environments.
Dual tech detector for Conservatories.

Fitted From £95.00

Extra Pet passive infra-red detector

Wired pet friendly passive infra-red detector will ensure your cat or dog can roam freely around your home without triggering the alarm.

Fitted From £65.00

Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors provide protection against intruders attempting to come through windows and doors by detecting fine movements in the glass or a break in the contacts for opening doors.  These trigger the alarm before an intruder enters your home.

Vibration Sensor

Vibration Sensor detects vibration on window and door frames which may occur during unauthorised entry. However care must be taken when choosing theses as they can be activated from adverse weather conations.

Fitted From £65.00

Door Contacts

Door Contacts Surface, flush, heavy duty, patio door and roller shutter contacts – suitable for intruder alarm systems in homes, shops, offices, factories and warehouses.

Fitted From £35.00

Glass Break Sensor

Glass Break Sensor Detects high speed drilling and glass breakage in home security and business security alarms.

Fitted From £95.00

Keypads and Panic Buttons

Keypads are used at entry points to your home to arm and disarm the alarm system, panic buttons are used in rooms such as the bedroom to activate the alarm straight away even if the alarm is disarmed.

Extra Key Pad

Extra Key pad for CPX / CP8 systems only, these can be added in addition to your existing system for a secondary door such as a back door.


Panic Attack Push Buttons

Panic attack push buttons to request for helping an emergency. We can supply and install panic buttons to any alarm system.

Fitted From £65.00

Speech Dialler