Networking CCTV explained

How would a typical business use the DVR365?

Using the 4-16-Channel Network DVR as an example you can see how flexible the Iphone DVR is.

You could use 8 cameras with audio on every camera. For example, in a shop you could record what the shop staff do AND say. This may prove vital in resolving customer disputes. It may also reveal why some staff can sell and other staff can’t! When using video evidence to prove acts of theft, vandalism and violence, sound in addition to video could easily prove to be vital in securing a conviction. If someone says “I’m going to punch your lights out” and it’s recorded with video footage they could hardly claim they acted in self-defence.

In addition to providing security at the shop, the DVR365 also provides the shop owner with a remote monitoring feature. By using an ADSL Internet connection, the shop owner can use the Internet to see & hear both live & recorded images with sound live from the shop from the comfort of his armchair. This feature alone is a must have! Shops or business with more than one outlet can monitor them all from anywhere they wish, password protected of course.

With no tapes to change or wear out, the DVR365 records all its data digitally on to its built-in hard drives. Finding that vital evidence couldn’t be easier, you can search by time and date or alarm activations. There’s no messing about with fast forwarding or changing tapes as it’s all instantly available at your fingertips. You can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. The shop owner doesn’t have to worry about the staff using the DVR correctly as recording can be set up to be completely automated with continuous, scheduled, alarm activated or video motion detection options. This means that the DVR can be securely locked away out of sight and away from mischievous hands. If the shop has a computer network, a computer at the shop can also be set up to connect to the DVR to access live or recorded information, again password protected so only authorized personnel can use this feature. If the Computer has a CD or a DVD writer he can even copy video and sound to a CD or DVD to use as evidence or as a backup of a particular event.

The fastest possible connection to the DVR will obviously get the best results. For “real-time” remote monitoring it is advised that the ADSL internet connection is used with a speed of about 512 or higher.

Got ADSL? Test the remote monitoring feature yourself NOW!

We have a Iphone DVR connected at a site so that you can test the remote monitoring feature of the DVR365 yourself. There are two ways to do this; one is by directly typing in the IP address of the DVR into “Internet Explorer”.

The second way is to download the client software and again set up the software with the IP address of the DVR. The IP address and full details of how to carry out a test connection to the DVR365 are on the website Please note – more than one person at once may be trying this demo so it may slow down the connection speed and reduce the unit’s performance. Sound quality is greatly affected by the bandwidth used.

Saving video and audio to a CD, DVD or an external hard drive

As the DVR365 is very easy to network it is easy to download critical information from it to a networked computer. You can then use the computer’s CD or DVD writer to copy the files to a writable CD, DVD or even an external hard drive for large amounts of data. The video files produced by the DVR are a modified mpeg compression and are specially encrypted so normal mpeg software cannot read or access them. We provide free software with the DVR365 called “player” software. This allows you, or a law court to play back the recorded files on the CD / DVD. It is also possible to simply play back recorded video and audio from the DVR365 into a standard Video recorder and copy the evidence on to a traditional VHS tape.

True “black-box” solution.

DVRs can be generally split into 2 groups, standalone “black box” ones and “PC based ones”. We don’t sell PC based DVRs as in our opinion they are simply PC’s running software and have all the associated problems with that (i.e. difficult to use and the possibilities of computer glitches and crashes). Why on earth would a shop that is tight for space want a DVR that needs a keyboard and mouse!! Like the DVR365 all our DVRs are black box solutions. They are easy to use, look the part, offer value for money and are designed for the job. They are NOT an adapted PC as with some DVRs on the market.

Huge internal storage with up to 8 hard drives

The cleverly engineered DVR365 can comfortably fit 8 internal hard drives. With 500gb drives the total internal storage would be 4Tb! Unlike other DVRs using large, noisy fans to cool their HDD, the DVR365 uses intelligent electronics to start and stop the drives when required, making the unit as quiet as possible so it can be used in noise sensitive environments. The intelligent electronics also avoid the build up of unwanted internal heat and help prolong the life of the hard drives, a small detail that makes a big difference.

Full TRIPLEX Operation.

The DVR365 has full triplex operation. This means that the unit will carry on recording video and audio whilst it is playing back previously recorded data. The DVR365 can also accommodate more that one person connecting to it remotely to retrieve live or recoded data, most other DVRs struggle with just one!

How long can the DVR365 record for?

There are of course many variables that affect how long the DVR365 can record for, including number of cameras connected, number of hard drives installed and size of drives so we have produced a very detailed table so that you can easily work out the recording times for yourself.The full table can be viewed and downloaded from the DVR365 main page.

The ability to record sound & vision continuously puts the DVR365 in a league of its own. It could be used to record sound and vision over tills, in shops, in receptions, hospitals, schools or anywhere that could benefit from real-time recording of sound and vision on multiple cameras and with built-in remote monitoring, why fit anything else?