Our 24/7 Monitoring by our NSI gold Alarm Receiving Centre

Our NSI Gold standard receiving centre remote watch is a UK-based Alarm Receiving Centre, ready to respond in the event of an alarm trigger, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our team of specialists at remote watch will assess every individual situation. In the event of a real threat, whether security related or a medical emergency, we will contact you and dispatch the appropriate emergency service as required, Video verification required for police response.


What is an Alarm Receiving Centre?


An Alarm Receiving Centre, otherwise known as an ARC, is a purpose-built facility that monitors multiple companies’ and buildings’ systems for triggers. The most common being security, intruder


Within an ARC works teams of monitoring operatives, who are highly trained to react quickly when an alarm is triggered. The team will constantly monitor the centre for any incoming alarms and will take appropriate action if they do occur, such as calling for a police response “Video verification required for police response.”


An Alarm Receiving Centre, therefore, becomes fully responsible for dealing with a company’s alarm system when there is a breach of security. It takes the responsibility and pressure off you as well as employees and adds an extra layer of security to their system, due to 24hr monitoring.