Burglar Alarms for home and business in Tameside & Greater Manchester areas.

Burglar alarm to suit all house sizes

Professional burglar alarm with user friendly features.  Options for bells only alarm, speech dialer or monitored intruder alarm systems.

Burglary is a crime that not only strips you of your valuable possessions but also invades your personal privacy. The emotional distress of this crime cannot be measured. Our professional wired & Lightsys 2 wireless burglar alarm will reduce the likelihood of this crime happening to you. Our wireless agility 3 burglar alarm offers are available in Tameside,  Manchester, Cheshire surrounding areas.

Alarm Maintenance

Alarm maintenance is critical in ensuring your system is up to date and all insurance and warranty is valid

Our most popular Alarm System prices

Bells-only alarm

Bells-only alarm, otherwise known as audible-only alarm, is a burglar alarm which makes only audible noise from the external and or internal sounders when the alarm is triggered. The “bells-only” alarm may deter intruders and alert the neighbour when the alarm activates.

Monitored alarm

A monitored alarm system is connected via telephone line or GSM network or both to a remote central station for the purpose of monitoring the alarm signals from the premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Monitored alarm systems will incur monthly and annually service charges in addition to the installation costs of the respective alarm package. Please Ring for up to date pricing.

Speech Dialler

Burglar alarm may be connected to a speech dialler which enables the alarm system to send voice messages to a combination of telephone numbers (including mobile phones) in the event of alarm activation. The speech dialler may be a stand alone equipment which is attached to the burglar alarm or may be in built in the alarm control panel.

Built in speech diallers offer a more complex reporting system, zone ID on activation, will call you and let you no which zones has been activated, also user reporting will ring you, letting you no which family or relatives has entered the premises, Ideal for shop owners find out what time your staff opened and closes NOW available on a GSM network with PAYG sim Card

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